Contacting Bender Support:

Select the Gear icon from within Your Profile
Click ‘Contact Live Support’
Send a chat message and someone from support will respond as soon as possible.

Bender Icons Explained:

What is Seal of Approval?

The brand new feature gives you the ability to vouch for someone so that future daters can see them as being trustworthy and who they say they are. So, do you know the person? Can you vouch for them? Did you meet up? Was it a successful date? Were they genuine? Click Add Seal of Approval to add to their tally. You also have the ability to retract the Seal of Approval by re-clicking the button:

Click ‘Add Seal of Approval’
The button changes to Approved and the rosette below the user name updates the total.

Enabling Live Location:

Click Live Location Preferences to set Live Location parameters.
Click Active Time to set maximum time Live Location is enabled. Do the same for Location Accuracy, remembering to extend the range if operating Live Location from a sensitive location such as your home:
Once both parameters are set click Save Changes.
Once the parameters are set Start Sharing Live Location will be enabled.
Click Start Sharing once you have read the protection notice.
Live Location will now be enabled with you being shown as a small blue dot. There will also be a notice telling you how many minutes you have left and ‘Live’ will be displayed over the Live Location icon along the bottom of the app just in case you forget it is enabled.

Click on the large circle to view the profiles of the people in that vicinity.

Enabling Bender Travel

Select the Bender Travel magnifying glass icon at the top-right of the screen to search for your travel location.
Start typing in the Search for places box. You can enter a street name, a postcode, a town or even a country.
The grid will update with the profiles that are closest to the chosen destination. The app will indicate where you are travelling and the Bender Travel icon will have a tick in it.

To exit Bender Travel click the X next to the destination.